Advent Journals & Prompts



Day 1 Advent Journal 12.1.11
Today's Prompt: Make a list of 10 things that when you see immediately make you think of Christmas.  Bonus - Try and include some images from your list, either draw, cut out pictures or find photographs.

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Day 2 Advent Journal 12.2.11
 Today's Prompt:  Make a list of your favorite Christmas flavors.  These can be anything that you look forward to at Christmas.
Day 2 

Day 3 Advent Journal 12.3.11
 Today's Prompt:  Write a short blurb about a favorite Christmas memory.  The memory can be from childhood or just last yesterday.  
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Day 4 Advent Journal 12.4.11
Today's Prompt:  Write down the lyrics to your favorite Christmas Carol.  You can look up the lyrics if you don't know them, or just wing it and write what you remember.  Write as many verses as you choose.
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 Day 5  Advent Journal 12.5.11
 Today's Prompt:  Write Three Christmas Traditions from your Childhood.
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Day 6 Advent Journal 12.6.11
 Today's Prompt: Using the Letters in "HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS" how many words can you make?

Day 7 Advent Journal 12.7.11
Today's Prompt:List your favorite Christmas scents

 Day 8 Advent Journal 12.8.11
Today's Prompt: List seven things for which you are grateful.

Day 9 Advent Journal 12.9.11
Today's Prompt: List all the ways that you can say, "Merry Christmas"

 Day 10 Advent Journal 12.10.11
Today's Prompt: Fold a paper snowflake and keep it in your Journal.

Day 11 Advent Journal 12.11.11
Today's Prompt: List the Sounds of Christmas

Day 12 Advent Journal 12.12.11
Today's Prompt: Include a Cookie Recipe

 Day 13 Advent Journal 12.13.11
Today's Prompt: Write a short blurb about why Christmas lights make you smile.

Day 14 Advent Journal 12.14.11
Choose one (or more) of the above journal prompt and write an acrostic poem.

Day 15 Advent Journal 12.15.11
Choose one Christmas card that you received and add it to your journal.

Day 16 Advent Journal 12.16.11
List the many names of reindeer in your journal.  You can allude to poems, movies, books or stories!

Day 17 Advent Journal 12.17.11
Record a Christmas Menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or Christmas Eve.

Day 18 Advent Journal 12.18.11
Define Christmas Spirit

Day 19 Advent Journal 12.19.11
What about Christmas is important to me now, as compared to what used to be important to me?

  Day 20 Advent Journal 12.20.11
Write out all 12 days of Gifts given by "My True Love".

Day 21 Advent Journal 12.21.11
Write about a "best present" that you received.

Day 22 Advent Journal 12.22.11
Take a picture of yourself in a winter hat.

Day 23 Advent Journal 12.23.11
Do something to Spread the Christmas Spirit with Others.

Day 24 Advent Journal 12.24.11